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Not so much beta version as omega...

This website aims to use crowd sourcing to speed up finding the best videos for physics teaching. It provides a way for sixth form physics students to find appropriate, authoritative physics videos quickly. It aims is to encourage the production of more good physics videos.

This site is currently at proof of concept stage, its functionality is very limited. I hope enough people find the site useful in its current state so I can apply for funding, hire a professional programmer and make the site work properly.

Until then, the content of the site has to do the talking. If you have a favourite YouTube video that is not here, please send its URL to webmaster Snail physicstube.org along with a rating out of 5.

On a personal note, I hope to see more videos that discuss the answers to past paper questions. I also welcome suggestions of what the site should do. I aim to build (or commission the building of) the most popular features.